Galya - Yes. And I. So I say, we are all girls here, we have been together for the fifth month. Let's stop being bullshit. And it is clear that we are all doing this. Why should we pretend that we don’t know the type, we don’t hear. There Svetka almost every night, and you Nastya, not very often.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Alex! Cum inside me! she shouted back.
Well, good. Better than choking on the bus.
We froze with gaping mouths. Yelled inadequately in glasses.
Gradually, he became more and more excited and my hands did not leave his penis, but constantly stroked him or gently pressed on him, and when the penis was already quite hard, his huge appearance in this state increased my arousal, and the desire to stick him into myself seized me . I took it in my hands and ran my fingers over it from the head to the base, as if to measure it. This was not enough for me and I decided to lick it. I began to hold the tongue from the head to the base and back, from time to time I put the head in my mouth and sucked hard. This procedure is also new to me. I didn't use it with my husband. But I really wanted to try what I knew only from the stories of my friends. This huge cock could hardly fit in my mouth and I could only absorb a third of it! My movements aroused him greatly and immediately he began to cum in his mouth.
That's wonderful. Now we need to agree on the schedule of visits. When do you show up from work?
The road was free, two hours flew by in a flash. And now Alena, already joyful from the fact that I arrived, met me at the gate.